5 Tips for Selling Without Discounting

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Most people think that the best method to boost sales is to offer a sale or a discount. If a customer is not sure about your product, but you offer a discount, maybe they will take the leap and try it out. Maybe they will like it so much that they return to buy it again.


Sending a follow-up email to accounts with abandoned items left in their shopping cart can encourage customers to revisit. This works so well that almost half of shoppers end up completing their order. A simple email alert 3 or 4 hours after the item was put in the cart can rekindle interest. It can be something as simple as “Hi (customer), don’t forget to complete your order” with a link back to their shopping cart...

Free Shipping

The majority of shoppers admit that if they do not get free shipping, they will not complete the order. Offering free or flat rate shipping could greatly increase the number of sales. You can even make...



If you are a part of a highly competitive market, uniqueness is what is going to sell your product. Make your uniqueness the center of your marketing strategy to get customers to you look to you to provide the product or se...

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5 Tips for Selling Without Discounting

5 Tips for Selling Without Discounting

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